Purpose: Waterproofing materials are used to prevent the water leakage, filtering, corrosion and or to redirect and drain water flows in order to guarantee the long live and normal exploitation of buildings and structures.


Types of materials we use: Roll and sheet-shaped materials (bitumen, PVC, EPDM membranes, tapes), antimony-based (as well as capital injection and liquid-based), combination of powdered materials (as well as the application type of plaster materials) which penetrate inside materials (also injection and absorption method used), shaped paint materials, finished assembling elements, which are intended for temperature gaps in materials.


Application: The foundation of the building and facilities, underground floors, basements, tunnels, mines, hydro-technical facilities, swimming pools, water tanks, water channels, terrace and roof, balconies, plant and buildings, walls, underground pipes and so on.

Thermal Insulation, Fireproofing

Purpose: Thermal insulation materials are used to prevent the heat exchange and for fire protection.



Types of materials we use 


High efficiency  insulation materials - Vacuum insulated panel, Silica aerogel, Polyurethane rigid panel (CFC/HCFC expanded) initial, 


Middle efficiency insulation materials - Polyurethane rigid panel (CFC/HCFC expanded) aged, Polyurethane rigid panel (pentane expanded) initial, Polyurethane rigid panel (pentane expanded) aged 5–10 years, Foil faced Polyurethane rigid panel (pentane expanded), Foil-faced polyisocyanurate rigid panel (pentane expanded ) initial, Foil-faced polyisocyanurate rigid panel (pentane expanded) aged 5–10 years, Polyisocyanurate spray foam, Closed-cell polyurethane spray foam, Phenolic spray foam, Thinsulate clothing insulation, Urea-formaldehyde panels, Urea foam, Extruded expanded polystyrene (XPS) high-density, Polystyrene board, Phenolic rigid panel, Urea-formaldehyde foam, High-density fiberglass batts, Extruded expanded polystyrene (XPS) low-density, Icynene loose-fill (pour fill). Molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) high-density, Home Foam, Rice hulls, Fiberglass batts, Cotton batts (Blue Jean insulation), Molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) low-density, Icynene spray, Open-cell polyurethane spray foam, Cardboard, Rock and slag wool batts, Cellulose loose-fill, Cellulose wet-spray, Rock and slag wool loose-fill, Fiberglass loose-fill, Polyethylene foam.


Low efficiency insulation materials - Cementitious foam, Perlite loose-fill, Wood panels, such as sheathing, Fiberglass rigid panel, Vermiculite loose-fill, Vermiculite, Straw bale, Papercrete, Softwood (most), Wood chips and other loose-fill wood products, Hardwood (most), Brick, Glass, Poured concrete.


Application – Basement, internal and external walls of buildings, roof covers, floors, heating and cooling system pipes, industrial pipes, thermal cameras (fridges) and so on.

Sound and vibration insulation

Purpose: To prevent the sound and vibration to pass through, inside-out or from outside-in to the buildings or specific rooms.


Types of materials we use: Acustic panels, rockwool, resin and polymer hermetic materials, membranes and fittings for comunication pipes and roots, shock absorbers, sound brakers and so on.


Application: Internal and external walls of buildings, roof and ceilings, floors.